Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There's Beauty in the Breakdown

Three months ago I felt as if I was at my lowest of lows. I was lonely and life didn't seem to be going anywhere but down. I had lost the job I thought would open doors to everything good in life. That door was shut and I felt trapped. What I didn't realize at the time is that having that door shut opened my life up to a lot of good. I ended up back at the place I swore I'd never return to and although I have my days where I feel exhausted and cranky it's been nothing but the best thing for me. It's given me more opportunities to be social, to explore sides of myself that I had begun to let go of, I've been able to really spend more time with my photography, and the best part of it all has been the relationships that I've rebuilt and the ones that have started.

In the past three months though the best thing that has happened has been the relationship with a friend who has been my saving grace. I feel like our friendship in the past 3 months has been one that has been around for a lifetime. She came into my life just when I needed someone to remind me that life is precious and wonderful and full of so many good things and that even though life had been rough, at some point soon it would all get better.

There was a night where we were sharing drinks and began to discover that so much of our personal experiences, ones where we felt like we were alone in experiencing them were actually ones that we had shared without knowing until then. She's talked me through tears, reminding me that I am beautiful, that I can do amazing things with my life, she's encouraged me to stand up for myself and what I want out of life and she's shared some pretty great adventures with me in the past 3 months.

When I hear this song it reminds me of her. She reminds me to let go, live life to the fullest, live life and be myself and love myself. She's been my closest friend (besides my loverly husband) and she's been such an important part of my life. We've shared so much in these past few months and I'm so grateful that God put her in my life. I'm looking forward to our friendship continuing to grow and I look forward to all of the adventures we will have in the upcoming months.

Lisamarie, thank you for opening up your heart to me, thank you for opening up your home to me, and thank you for being you. I love you friend.

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