Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Father's Father

Music can be my medicine on a bad day. It can be my energy drink on a day where it's hard to get going. It has been my friend in my loneliest moments. It has kept some of my darkest secrets. Sometimes music can explain me better than I can.

On occasion I can appreciate and completely rock out to a Katy Perry or a Kanye West song, but in general music is my muse that drives me every single day.

I wanted a place where I could have a treasure chest in a sense of all of my favorite songs. These songs have seen me through the best and worst of times. I wanted them to be shared. It's like one giant playlist of my life.

First we will start off with a song by the Civil Wars called My Father's Father. I love the Civil Wars for their simplicity. When it comes down to it, I'm a very simple person regarding things that make me happy in life. I enjoy the simplicity of sitting on my porch on a nice day and watching the cars go by, or the ease of seeing an old friend and catching up over coffee, or just sitting on the couch until 4 am talking about everything random about life. The melodies and harmonies that resonate from the Civil Wars can be so absolutely spell binding and almost haunting that they've left me in tears. I love the chemistry between the two singers and the way Joy Williams moves with the music makes me fall in love all over again with the idea of romance.

Enjoy the first song on my journey.

I hear something hanging on the wind
I see black smoke up around the bend
I got my ticket and I'm going to go home

The leaves have changed a time or two
Since the last time the train came through
I got my ticket and I want to go home

My father's father's blood is on the track
A sweet refrain drifts in from the past
I got my ticket and I'm going to go home

The winding roads that led me here burn like coal and dry like tears
So here's my hope, my tired soul
And here's my ticket
I'm going to go home

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